Timothy II 4:17 Notwithstanding the Lord stood with me, and strengthend me that by me the preaching might be fully known, and that all the Gentiles might hear; and I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion.

     Now this of course is "not a lion" it's a tiger, but it is close enough for this illustration.  All of us who preach from time to time get nervous.  Our flesh is weak and there are moments of self doubt and feelings of being timid.  The Lord God Almighty called us to preach and share His Word with a hurting world.  If He has called us, then He "will" give us the strength to do His will.  The Lord God will always give us the necessary strength to do the task at hand. 
     Sometimes it takes courage to step out in faith, but when we do the inner strength "will" come from the power of the Holy Spirit. We need to give all of our faith and trust in the Lord allowing this anointing to take place within us.  When panic and negative feelings start to surface, pull back and lead the congregation into a prayer of calmness and peace. The Lord takes over and your heart is blessed with confidence.  Walking in Spiritual faith trusting the Lord to lead.

"A Special Prayer for you Pastor!"
Because you "are" Special!

     Heavenly Father, we worship you and glorify your Mighty name above all names.  Lord please let us feel your anointing as we pray.  We two are in agreement for renewal and revival.  In the powerful name of Jesus and by your blood we ask you to cover this pastor  with such a powerful anointing.
     Lord, everywhere that anyone can go in this pastor's church, make it filled with your "Spirit Filled" Anointing, and your Holy Spirit presence! Lord we together desire that a tremendous spiritual fire alights upon each and everyone who enters the doorway of this pastor's church. 
     Heavenly Father, please bring about the biggest revival that these people have ever seen.  Multiply the church with a mighty growth and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Lord please let them see Jesus and let them see each other through the "eyes" of Jesus.
     Lord, please bring  such love and compassion into their hearts that they can't help but love one another  Father God, as revival is happening, turn these dear people into the strongest followers of you that their city has ever seen.  Lead them to win souls -- many, many souls.
     Lord, touch these Pastor's hands and heart with such an anointing that the people only sense Your presence.  Draw  this Pastor  into a deeper relationship to you. Help your servant  to grow  spiritually stronger.  Create such a solid renewed desire for more of you in a way that they have never felt. Bless this very special, anointed servant of Yours.  Give them physical strength to endure the long hard hours of ministerial endeavors, as they give of their hearts and lives to the congregation.
     During their special sermons, please  have the anointing go throughout the whole gathering.  May this allow the opportunity to win many souls for your Kingdom.  Lord, use this "willing" vessel for "your glory and honor."  Let your light so shine through the eyes that they see "you" through them and feel your presence. Place your angels all around this very special servant.  Oh Lord I pray all this in your wonderful name, Jesus Christ. Amen

     God bless your heart, and may you win many souls for the Kingdom of God.  That is more important than anything that we could be doing! I wrote and prayed this prayer especially for you. From the bottom of my heart, I pray that you can feel and walk in the Holy Spirit's anointing.

Your Sister in Christ, 
Evangelist Diana Gray

The Tiger is from 
Paint Shop Pro