Are you still feeling sad over things that have happened in your past? Do you still have memories that occasionally come to your mind and they feel just like they could have happened yesterday? 
     Let's get on top of your past hurts and sorrows that may be keeping you from moving forward in your spiritual growth. You need to take a serious look at your past and look at it fully in the face with courage. Let me give to you a prayer to use. This is a prayer that I want you to start saying. God does heal physically as well as emotionally. He can and wants to heal your past hurts.
     Say this prayer everyday. Read it until you can say it from your heart in your "own words."

"A Healing Prayer for Past Hurts"

    Lord Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, go back into my Past memory today. There has been a number of years that things have hurt me.  Troubled my heart and soul. Every hurt that has ever been done to me in my body or my emotions, please heal those hurts. Every hurt that I have knowingly or unknowingly caused to another person, bring healing to that hurt too.  Also heal the hurts that I knowingly did.  Help me to remember them so that I may ask for healing to take place. 
     Please Lord, give me strength to look at those memories with courage. Lord, if  there is anything that I need to do, show me.  If I need to go to another person because they are still suffering from my part, let me become aware of that person in my memory. As I do remember, help me to be humble and ask for forgiveness.  I choose to "forgive" the hurts that are done to me. My tongue will say that I forgive and make my mind and heart come into line with your Word. 
     I also ask to be forgiven of the sins and wrongs that I have done. Please remove whatever bitterness and unforgiveness may still be in my heart, Lord.  I don't need to walk around with that is my life. Fill me with your love and peace. Let me see my brothers and sisters through your eyes Jesus, not mine.  Let me look at everyone with all of the Love that I can. 
     Help me to put a guard over my mouth everyday, so that I may always glorify you. Let me be a true Christian witness of your love in me. Please help me to bring about healing in the hearts of all that I see throughout my days. I love you Lord so much and I am grateful to you because you love me. You make me feel special and at peace. Thank you Lord and in your name Jesus.  Amen


     Every time that you remember a past hurt, look at it fully in the face and praise the Lord for it. You "didn't" like it when it happened. You got hurt and it was a bad time in your life, but look at what the Lord is doing for you now. You are here reading this because of Him. So praise the Lord and keep praising the Lord. After awhile those past hurts won't hurt you anymore. They will just be a past memory.

May the Lord bless you, Sister Diana
Evangelist / Diana Gray (Your Sister in Christ
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